Teen Yoga Classes

I focus on breath, movement and self-awareness, combined with elements of listening to your body, and giving in to relaxation.

My yoga classes are personal, fun and varied. I like to create a space for yoga using music of all genres to inspire, invigorate, focus and relax.

I provide spoken and hands-on adjustments to bring your body into better alignment, facilitating strengthening and stretching. I assess each individual and work with enthusiasm, honesty and good humour to help every student reach their highest potential.

Private Classes

One to One

Perfect for teenagers who:

  • are interested in joining a class and want to learn the basics
  • want flexible classes that fit around their home life and studies
  • are recovering from an injury and would like to get moving safely
  • feel self-conscious about their body or posture and want a private space to practice
  • want a class that is tailored exactly to their needs
  • want to make fast progress by having private tuition and dedicated support.
  • prefer a more personal environment
  • need stress release, relaxation & meditation

Small Groups

Up to three people

Taster Sessions
Single Classes

Perfect for:

  • family members who want to have fun, exercise and connect with each other
  • teenagers who are interested in yoga and would like to practice with their friends
  • parents who want to learn how to practice yoga with their children so it can become part of a family routine

Group Classes

Up to twelve people

Single Classes
Per Term (10 Sessions) – get in touch for full details

I lead group classes for teenagers aged 11 to 17 in various locations in and around Cambridge.  Classes are relaxed and safe spaces – all are welcome.  Classes are usually single sex to minimize self-consciousness and allow students to express themselves fully without worry or embarrassment.

Perfect for:

  • Teens of all ages, boys and girls
  • Students who are experiencing stress or anxiety due to exams or schoolwork
  • Those who do not enjoy group sports and are looking for a different type activity to keep them healthy
  • Teenagers who want to learn relaxation techniques
  • Teens who are into sport and want to find ways to recover and balance their bodies in between matches or events
  • Those who want to try something new or who are looking for a new passion!

Yoga for Schools

As a qualified Teen Yoga teacher I can provide classes for adolescents aged 11 to 17 in a safe school setting.   I have a DBS certificate, First Aid training and Yoga Alliance insurance.

Teen Yoga classes for schools:

  • Regular classes as part of an after-school programme
  • Yoga as part of the curriculum, particularly for girls who may not enjoy traditional sports
  • One-off classes for enrichment days
  • Yoga and relaxation in preparation for exams
  • Yoga as part of the school day: training for teachers on how to use yoga and mindfulness to improve student focus, anxiety, attitude and wellbeing
  • Classes for teachers and school staff – no-one needs to relax and unwind more than the grown-ups!
Teen Yoga run by Carolina George is an excellent addition to our enrichment programme at St Mary’s Senior School, Cambridge. The girls find her yoga sessions beneficial for relieving everyday stresses. Carolina is very professional in her approach and manner in teaching students and she is very adaptable when asked to run further sessions at short notice.
Mrs Pink, Enrichment & Extra Curricular Coordinator at St Mary’s School, Cambridge