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Cambridge Teen Yoga

Cambridge Teen Yoga is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance UK established in 2015.

Yoga for teens aims to provide a fun, inspiring and relaxing style of yoga.  Yoga can help young people manage challenges at school, improve their concentration, and promote self-awareness.  It also builds physical strength, improves their breathing and encourages self-acceptance.

I try to empower my students to attempt new challenges, which will bring a sense of accomplishment, but most importantly I hope students leave their class feeling calm and relaxed.

Yoga is great for helping teens cope with the overwhelming emotional and physical changes they experience.  It helps them to create a space in their busy schedule and gives them the tools to cope with everyday challenges such as exams, social expectations, anxiety, sleep issues, self confidence, and more.

Cambridge Teen Yoga offers:

  • Breakfast club yoga & relaxation sessions
  • Yoga & Mindfulness classes as a school-led activity
  • Yoga Workshops
  • Pre-exam de-stressing sessions
  • Yoga circle

Carolina George is accredited by the Yoga Alliance, is trained in Level 2 Safeguarding, First Aid and DBS checked to be safe to work with children.  She has also been specially training in Teen Yoga.

Relax With Yoga Classes

Despite the teen years often being difficult, my favourite quotation comes from Daniel J. Siegel when he says, “the teen years aren’t just something to get through but to encourage”.  If I had known that when I was a teenager I think it would have really helped me.